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    JY-B Automatic wet tissue and chopsticks packaging machineProduct

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    JY-B Automatic wet tissue and chopsticks packaging machine

    JY-B Automatic wet tissue and chopsticks packaging machine



    1. The device has the neat appearance, smooth running, rewinding speed, accurate count and other characteristics.

    2. The device can automatically cut, folded, wet horizontal and vertical chopsticks automatic feeding, automatic bag making, wipes quantitative liquid filling, automatic exhaust, automatic cutting, automatic date printing, automatic counting, three side sealing bag type to finished automatically.

    3. The device package length can be set and cut, without air conditioning go, step in place, saving time and film and convenient operation.

    4. The whole shelf of the machine uses chinese good 304# steel to make the running more stably.

    5. The device has the advanced design, compact structure, fast speed, good stability, high production efficiency, in line with the national hygiene standards

    Produce speed


    Packaging size

    L :65-280mm× W:   30-110mm

    packaging film   width


    Tissue size

    L:60-300mm    ×W 80-300mm

    Volts and power

    220v 50hz 2.4kw

    contour   dimension


    liquid adding   limits


    Packaging   material

    complex film,aluminizer   ,

    Paper aluminum

    ,Insert film paper



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