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    Non-woven fabric cutting machine cutting ways mainly have three kinds, respectively is flat cutting, round knife cutting, grooving cutting, the cutting way each have each characteristic, then today is mainly talk about the packing of non-woven fabric cutting machine cutting cutting way.

    Grooving on non-woven fabric cutting machine cutting way, its principle is run in the groove roll material, the cutting knife fell in groove roll groove, the material longitudinal incision, the material in the knife trough roller has a certain Angle, not easy to drift phenomenon. But in cutting and grooving cutting this way stretch when PP film or the edge of a narrow membrane is commonly used, can cut efficiency improvement points. Non-woven fabric cutting machine in cutting cutting way is relatively small, with the first two.

    In addition, the cutting way of non-woven fabric cutting machine in addition to the above three, but there is a kind of extrusion cutting, but squeeze in domestic non-woven fabric cutting and slitting machine is not common, but because of the cutting way can cut thin plastic film, cutting thick paper, non-woven fabric, etc., is a more convenient way of cutting, so it is non-woven fabric cutting machine cutting way of a development direction.

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