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    Non-woven fabric cutting machine is prepress and post-press often use a kind of important cutting equipment, its application is very extensive. However, any equipment is difficult to avoid the happening of some electrical fault, then the repair work is what users need to master work. Non-woven fabric cutting machine to produce electrical fault how to repair? Follow below is packing factory to look at!

    Non-woven fabric after cutting machine to produce electrical fault maintenance steps:

    Preparation: prepare non-woven fabric cutting machine tool, instrument, machine tools used in repairing circuit diagrams and other data.

    Graph: for non-woven fabric cutting machine to repair, first of all, must be able to read schematic circuit diagram of the equipment.

    Three, by asking, see, touch, hear, operating five steps to clear before and after the fault phenomena and fault happens.

    1, ask the non-woven fabric cutting machine operator to understand before and after the fault happen, understand that failure is a sudden or happen often? What is the abnormal phenomena appear? What is the aberration? And so on. So accurately grasp the original first-hand information, which is beneficial to judge the failure parts, find out the fault point quickly.

    2, carefully observe the surface of the machine tool electrical appliances or lines. Then start the machine, listen to the motor, control transformers, contactor, relay and so on whether there is abnormal sound and closed. After the machine running after a period of time, cut off the power and related electrical shell with fingerprint or electromagnetic coil, check to see if there is more than often fever phenomenon, etc.

    3, all functions of non-woven fabric cutting machine operation demonstration, step by step in the operation of careful observation in the operation process, find find machine tool electrical fault, to facilitate rapid accurate to determine the scope of electrical failure of the machine tool.

    Four, according to the non-woven fabric cutting machine combined with the circuit diagram of failure analysis and approximate scope, but also by the above "ask, see, hear, touch," operation process, such as basic after find out fault phenomenon, then can be combined with circuitry failure analysis and the approximate scope of, and then adopt corresponding test method, find out the point of failure.

    Five, replacement components: non-woven fabric cutting machine fault point after find out, you will need to replace the components according to the situation.

    Non-woven fabric cutting machine maintenance procedure is basically the above five steps, and, of course, this only for non-woven fabric cutting machine produces electrical fault after the steps for maintenance reference, specific troubleshooting work, suggested by professional personnel.

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