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    Non-woven bag products are now using professional non-woven bag making machine to complete, the applicable range of this equipment, processing a variety of different specifications and different shapes of non-woven bag, such as flat bag, gift bag, vest bag, wearing rope bag, pillow bags and even volume vest bag, etc.

    In recent years, by imitating, introduction of technology and the globalization of capital and purchase way, such as non-woven bag making machine in our country's manufacturing level and the level of industrial design to increase rapidly. Nowadays, non-woven bag making machine manufacturing enterprises in our country it is easy to get some key parts by global procurement, to rapidly improve the technical level and reliability of equipment, and gradually to the industrial automation.

    We can foresee the future of non-woven bag making machine with industrial automation trend, helps to raise the overall level of packaging equipment. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control component, the new intelligent equipment such as power load control has been widely applied to the non-woven bag making machine, the user in the process of operation has more independence, flexibility and accuracy of operation, high efficiency and compatibility.

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