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    Non-woven bag products are now using professional non-woven bag making machine to complete, the applicable range of this equipment, processing a variety of different specifications and different shapes of non-woven bag, such as flat bag, gift bag, vest bag, wearing rope bag, pillow bags and even volume vest bag, etc.

    However, due to the market on the non-woven bag making machine equipment quality is uneven, some poor production technology, quality is poorer, accessories cheap equipment after use for a long time, often not guaranteed quality conditions are more likely to fail.

    Common faults and eliminate non-woven bag making machine:

    A, interference by microcomputer

    1, may be motor feed fast slow and make non-woven bag making machine to produce interference.

    2, may be a low voltage electrical frequency is high and produce interference.

    3, may cause interference is static cleaners.

    Second, photoelectric device with less than, with no

    1, check whether product size set out of the question.

    2, check whether the light of the non-woven bag making machine eye sensitivity adjustment well.

    3, check whether the machine adjust lewd bag model.

    Third, non-woven bag making machine is unstable

    1, check the feeding machine is overweight.

    2, check the machine drive roller pressure is not enough.

    3, view of step motor are connected to the displacement of material plastic roller synchronous belt is loose.

    Non-woven bag making machine often see the faults and elimination method is introduced to here, this is just some of the common small fault, for some of the more serious fault shall timely, please professional maintenance personnel for troubleshooting and maintenance. Here small make up remind big house is that it is very important to a good equipment for production of choose and buy, at the same time in daily use for correct operation, regular maintenance and reasonable maintenance is also very important, it's about the future security, stability and efficiency of production.

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