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    From the point of development course, technical development of non-woven bag making machine is along with the social development, market demand, and continuous development and the development of science and technology. Although the non-woven bag making machine is indispensable equipment, non-woven bag industry but in the past, in the non-woven bag industry are handmade by people. This method not only speed is slow, but also a waste of time and Labour.

    Because of that, so as to promote the development of science and technology and industry, the non-woven bag making machine was born. Since this kind of intelligent device into production not only accelerated the speed of production, and rescued the people from the hard work. In then after further research and exploration to produce a high degree of automation of non-woven bag making machine, makes the equipment performance and function more perfect, which also create greater value for the enterprise.

    Along with the non-woven bag making machine has been widely used in production, the technology is also developing better and better. At present advanced ultrasonic technology has been applied to large-scale non-woven industry. General ultrasonic energy belongs to the mechanical vibration energy, more than 18000 hz frequency, when applied in bonding thermoplastic materials, such as non-woven adhesive, normally use frequency is 20000 hz.

    Result, features, technical development of non-woven bag making machine after the transition to the present situation of producing ultrasound technology, compared to the traditional cable suture needle type, now use ultrasonic adhesive non-woven bag making machine, dispensing with needle and thread, not only save in line process, and there is no traditional line suture of bolt joint, but also for non-woven neat local shear and sealing.

    Not only that, after using ultrasonic technology of non-woven bag making machine also has the advantages of improving work efficiency and quality, not only realized the sealed edge cracks, produce the high quality class does not hurt the cloth edge, and there are no burrs, edge occurs. At the same time, the ultrasonic bonding effectively avoids the thermal bonding fibers degradation, adhesive layer quality affect the porosity of material, and after receiving the impact of the liquid causes the problem such as delaminating.

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