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    Non-woven bag making machine mainly used for processing and production of non-woven bag machine equipment, has a stable performance, smooth operation, strong adaptability, high degree of automation. At the same time, the equipment production capacity and product quality is also very good, so popular in the non-woven bag manufacturing industry.

    Not only that, non-woven bag making machine in the production and processing of besides with the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, smooth, because of its compact structure, and thus bring more convenience for non-woven bag processing.

    Generally speaking, the non-woven bag making machine mainly using ultrasound scanning special steel wheel processing, sealed edge cracks, it does not hurt the cloth edge, easy to use, good processing quality. Machines don't need to pre heat treatment at the same time, also can undertake continuous operation, compared to traditional machine processing can be around 5 to 6 times faster, with low cost, high efficiency advantages.

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