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    • yiwu jiuye machine factory
    • Linkman:Manager Wu
    • Mobile:13665835666
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    • Tel:0579-85509607
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    • Url:http://www.www.simoneharvey.com
    • Address:No. 139 Quanzhai Village, Yiwu City


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     Yiwu Jiuye specialized machinery and equipment manufacturing non-woven machinery, paper napkin machine, wet wipes machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment production and scientific research, sales and service, logistics security as a whole. Located in the world of Yiwu Zhejiang Industrial Park, from the Yiwu Airport, YiWu Railway Station is only 10 minutes away, the traffic is convenient.

    The chief engineer has been engaged in the development and maintenance of the equipment in the non-woven fabric industry for more than ten years, and has accumulated a lot of experience. We have a group of professional and strong, professional quality of the team, the establishment of a scientific quality system and excellent after-sales service.

     We specializes in non-woven machinery, wet wipes machinery, disposable hygienic products and paper packaging machinery manufacturing, according to customer requirements manufacturing non-woven wet wipes, deep processing of subsequent equipment, such as: non-woven bag machine, folding machine, printing machine, cutting machine, wet towel folding machine, spraying machine, slicing machine, cutting rewinding machine, packing machine, discharge makeup cotton and other machinery and equipment.

     We uphold "professional production, quality assurance," the purpose, adhere to the "quality win" business philosophy, the pursuit of "goodness and honesty" faith in the service, and constantly develop new products, to provide quality services to our customers. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance or letter calls to negotiate!

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